Mar 04

Link of the Week-Life as Mom

I’m always browsing the internet looking for tips, ideas, and better ways to do things.  Today, I was looking for tips on taking a large family to Disneyland on a dime.  As it turns out, you need about 25,000 dimes…or I thought, until I came across some great ideas on a website called Life as Mom.  She didn’t just scour the internet for tips, but she actually put them to the test on their family vacation and proved that you don’t have to stay in the Disney Hotel or spend $20 for a pin for each kiddo.

Man, I love it when a mom tests and proves a theory.  Now if we could just get Disneyland to come up with a family pass…

I hope you stop by her site, Life as Mom, and check it out while you’re scouring the internet for whatever it is you’re looking for, because she doesn’t stop at fantastic trip ideas.  There’s parenting advice, a spot just for women, and all kinds of goodies.  I plan to spend some time there getting to know another mom on a mission to connect us no matter where we are.  Just remember, when you’re not sure what to do, you are not alone.

Trust me, you’re gonna love it!

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